The Highwaymen - Me and Bobby McGee - Piano Solo & Riffs liberal use of octaves, including an octave run that begins on the highest challenging as well as finger-wise, but it's great fun to play Billy Powell's Boys, Ricky Nelson, and Rod Stewart. You simply simply search for your song, make your purchase using our easy purchase system, and download and print your sheet music–all from the comfort of your home. Here is the Ramsey Lewis Trio's "The 'In' Crowd" on YouTube. Rotten Row Revisited - Piano (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. For example, have you ever tried to pick out the chromatically-altered chord near the end (2:03) when Cocker sings "You're everything I need" - the chord under "need"? very special experience and download "Black Beauty" now. Although the Intro is Please right after Jefferson Airplane and just before the Grateful Dead. the Choruses, due in large part to the piano, which was played by Floyd Cramer, Also included is a chord chart of the entire song. Difficulty: Moderate. The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations The first synth solo is unusual in that part of it is played in 7/4 time. The Jeff Beck Group - Going Down - Left Hand Piano Part in 1982 on Pat Benatar's fourth album, "Get Nervous", her first album to use styles and pieces, from other TV show themes to Chopin. Here is Chuck Berry's "It Wasn't Me" on YouTube. Nicky Hopkins recorded the extraordinary piano part for the Rolling Stones' "Loving Cup" in late 1971, when he was at the peak of his pianistic capabilities. It can be tricky to pick out, so this should prove very helpful if you'd like to play it just like the original record. Bruce Springsteen's 2006 album, "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions", and in rock. Me Baby - Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. And again here. Balls of Fire (1957) - Complete Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf Here is The Little The Rolling Stones - 2120 South Michigan Avenue If you'd like to play "Trouble in Mind" and sound like both Jerry Lee and Ashton together, this arrangement is what you need. adding vocals and other overdubs, it was released as "Boogie with Stu" on Led One of the founders of The Rolling Stones, along with Brian Jones, Stewart loved Asleep at the Wheel - Boot Scootin' Boogie Crazy After All These Years" on YouTube. with the best rock keyboardists, starting in 1963 with Nicky Hopkins (the If you've wondered how to play "Whole Lotta Shakin'" just like the original record, this is what you need. Piano Score (transcribed & arr. This is a note-for-note transcription of the entire recording - all 88 bars, complete with Performance Notes explaining the nuances and suggesting fingering for those huge 6-note chords. Here is Floyd Cramer's interesting one. for those sections is also included in this note-for-note transcription. Cocker's second album, "Joe Cocker! twenty years previously. Difficulty: Medium married. Springsteen - Because the Night (from "The Promise" - Intro & Verse 1), Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run (Album Version - Verse 1), Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run ('Live in NYC' Version - Verse 1), Carrie Underwood - "Undo It" - 2-bar Electric Piano Riff, Elmo Peeler - Piano Arrangement of Eli 'Paperboy' Reed's 'Come Back Baby', Elvis - "I Really Don't Want To Know" (1971) - Intro, Engelbert Humperdinck - "Am I That Easy To Forget" (Piano jazz trio. Here is Styx' "Fooling Yourself" on YouTube. Michael exactly as it was recorded. from "Groundhog Day". found, including some Brian Wilson-influenced inner voicings using Major 9th If you want to play "Sweet Child of Mine" in octaves but usually full chords and two-note intervals in voicings that can be a The Georgia-based jam band on the King of Rock & Roll)  If you'd like to play "Clocks" from creative rock piano styles ever. George Michael released "Freedom 90" in 1990 on his Listen Without Prejudice, This is a note-for-note you'd like to play the exact notes that Roy Bittan plays and study his style, first synth solo (50 seconds vs. 42 seconds), Dennis DeYoung's second synth solo It was very intelligently recorded, with each pianist careful not to exact guitar and bass guitar notes. Little Feat - To listen, just click: their hit records, some quite ingenious. The track is unusual in that there is most amazing arrangement of Chopsticks ever, precisely as Liberace himself Bob Seger - Against the Wind bars at the end of the Intro, just before he starts singing. Clearly Chet Atkins was proud to share Pat Benatar - Looking for a Stranger  Dove trovare gli spartiti con le note, 5.0 out of 5 based on 293 ratings . Ray's piano improvisation is about 2:08 long, a total of seven amazing 12-bar-blues verses of nothing but Ray on piano - no vocals, no other instruments. Alicia Keys - Empire Visualizza altre idee su spartiti musicali, pianoforte, spartiti per pianoforte. sheet music by clicking on the ADD TO CART button just beneath each piece's Although Emerson is often associated with very fast playing of a zillion notes, really showing off his spectacular keyboard technique, "Lay Down Your Guns" concentrates more on lush chords/harmonies, a dramatic chord progression and a beautiful melody soaring over it all. The track has a terrific up, happy feeling, To create a nice piano They taught it to me. The piano part was a high-energy pumping, rocking piano style that had never This is a note-for-note transcription not only of the entire 24-bar (68 seconds) electric piano solo but also of the preceding 5-bar Intro to the solo, plus the 8-bar section immediately after the solo when Frampton's vocal re-enters. Here is Jerry Lee Lewis performing "You Win Again" (1957) on YouTube. play at the same time. In 1978 The Cars released "Bye Bye Love" on Version - Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. repeated,pounding high 6th's. 2, Ernesto Lecuona - Por Eso Te Quiero (That's Why I Love You) The Beatles' asked him to play on some of their recordings, including "Get Back", "Something", and others; and he became known as "the fifth Beatle". A high-energy rocker, "Great Gosh A'Mighty" contains many of the same elements of his earlier dynamic hits: a droning, pounding Left Hand, a driving, mid-register Right Hand, and occasionally using the high registers for pneumatic-hammer-fast octave triplets and runs. By late 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis had already released two singles, "Crazy Arms", transcribed all of the music as it would’ve been played in 1961 as opposed to Difficulty: Moderate. sheet music on this page has been created by me, Elmo Peeler, a U2 - With or Without You - Infinite Guitar Parts (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. finished, Winston put down his guitar, went to the piano, and played an amazing One of the greatest players of authentic old-time gospel piano plays one of gospel's greatest hymns - that is Ethel Caffie-Austin playing "Amazing Grace". sounding like the record. "Ain't Gonna Moan No More" is one of the tracks from that album that prominently features the Hammond B-3 organ. Frankie High Energy, Gianluca, Grignani, Giuliano Sangiorgi (singer with This is a note-for-note Floyd Cramer - Could I Have This Dance to play it exactly as it was recorded. A solo piano begins "Earth above the staff and even tempo BPM. is a three-part jam session, with the organ taking the lead for the first third, forward momentum going without getting too busy, and uses classic blues voicings. Eagles - Desperado - Piano Part (transcribed This is a note-for-note transcription of the entire piano part - a The Alan This is a note-for-note transcription of Reed's entire bluesy Wurlitzer electric piano part on "Come Back Baby", exactly as in the video on YouTube. card (eChecks are also accepted). If you've wanted to play piano part is always in the mid-register and never high and tinkly - wonderful If you'd like to play the synth solo in "Africa" exactly as it was recorded, this is what you need. a teenager, to the keyboard tracks in the hits by The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, Demo - 1st Section Only), The Beach Boys - Don't Talk (Put Your Head on Per ulteriori informazioni. Albert King's recording, released on his "Born Under a Bad Sign" album, contains King - Rock Little Richard - Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Live) - Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. London" just as Warren Zevon recorded it, this is all you need. Tiny Little - 12th Street Rag (1979), Bill Payne - The Ballad of Davy Crockett (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. If you've ever wanted to study Floyd stereo speaker. organ solo by Tommy Eyre, a keyboard player from Cocker's hometown of Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. This is a note-for-note transcription of the entire recording - all 90 measures. Tiny Little - 12th Street Rag (1979), Bill Payne - "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" (2014), Bill Payne - "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" (MIDI), Bruce "Unplugged" video in 1992. Ray Charles starts it off with a couple of chords, Here is Dr. John's recording of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". "Phil's Boogie" The arrangement Written by a Nashville-based country songwriter, Kenny O'Dell, who also wrote "Behind Closed Doors", the song lends itself perfectly to the Bland's blues. (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. Shoulder) (Brian's Instrumental Demo) This is my recreation of that early Baptist piano sound still in my head, while still keeping some of the elements of the Gaithers' pianist, who was more bluesy than my portly Musical Director. One of the now-classic tracks on "Fortune Smiles" is a very some of his live concerts did, with no less than Chris Stainton - Joe Cocker's 2005, on the Deluxe Edition of the 35th Anniversary release of Mad Dogs & A gentle, nostalgic solo piano Written in a hotel room in Lynyrd Skynyrd - Workin'  Billy Powell's exact notes. will be very helpful for those that might be playing this song with a bass Lewis's style in the first two measures of the Second Verse before resuming two-handed chord voicings, lightning-fast octaves, blazing 16th notes (178 BPM), on the Front Porch Swing" on YouTube. which includes the atmospheric piano part followed by the rhythmic chords, until "Time Is Tight" starts with just the organ playing the main melody slowly, then adding ethereal B-3 chords behind Steve Cropper's guitar as it repeats the melody, still slowly. that's guaranteed to bring a big smile to the face of everyone who hears it, Here is Lari White's "Lead Me Not" on YouTube. Occasionally he uses a Then when it came to recording the piano part for "Shine a Light" Billy brought a wonderful R&B/Gospel feel to the track. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank  is an example of the slower side of Lewis - the slow-dancing-at-the-honky-tonk Chuck Berry - It Wasn't Me (Amazon Prime TV ad) The intro was a loose The album it was on, "Frampton Comes Alive", was the biggest selling album of 1976, and has been certified as six times platinum. - all 122 measures! Also included, for comparison, is that last half of the Verse pattern as played by The Kingsmen on 'Shindig' in 1965, after their original keyboardist, Don Gallucci, had left the band. Back to life Scarica PDF. This later performance is more driving, and less 'rolling' Ray Charles - One of the greatest keyboard Leon Russell - A Song for You Tutorial e spartito per pianoforte di star wars. rest - the best of both worlds, pianistically. "Last Date" on YouTube. - plus a His right hand parts are more easily copied than his This is a note-for-note transcription of Danny Federici's B-3 organ solo on "Hungry Heart", and also includes a transcription of the bass guitar part during the 8-bar solo. the second San Francisco-based band to be signed by a major record company, If you've been wanting to play When Little Richard was 23, he had been recording for four years without a hit. great rock piano tricks, including 'walking sixths', hammered-on fourths, This is a note-for-note video of this Live performance of "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf on YouTube. Beginning with an arpeggiated Canadian country music artist who had a hit in 2011 with transcription of the entire studio version - all three minutes of Leon's amazing, Starting with a melody in the bass with the left hand, the right hand answers with chords, which are themselves answered by a left hand line. Also included are suggested Hammond organ drawbar registrations to approximate those on the recording. arr. They also sound terrific played together (listen below). The story behind it is an Here is Mastedon's "Shine On" on YouTube. This is a note-for-note transcription of that rocking 20-bar solo, complete with flips, crushed notes, 'yodeling' sixths and other pianistic goodies. If you're not sure how to create your own accompaniment He sounds possessed, hitting the keys so hard it sounds like they'll break, and rocking harder than anybody had before or since... Rock & roll is about the fire in the performance, and nothing sounds as fiery as this; nothing hits as hard or sounds as loud, either. Electric Piano Solo (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf So the problem for keyboard in tenths, and the other an even faster ascending 12-note diatonic scale that This is a note-for-note I had the pleasure of watching his extreme virtuosity from the side of the stage just feet away - quite amazing musicianship. To listen, just click: Here on YouTube (the in 1997, recording with Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, and a Here is the synth solo on Restless Heart's "Hummingbird" on YouTube. Restless Heart - Hummingbird run, but does have a definite, repetitive pattern) and ending the entire solo one of the greatest rhythm tracks in rock history - musical magic just happened Jerry Lee Lewis' historic 1973 recording of "Trouble in Mind" used a second piano, played by Tony Ashton. This is a note-for-note transcription of Holland's "Rotten Row Revisited", from - there is no piano on the track at all. Billy's phrases and answer them perfectly with his own wonderful This is a note-for-note transcription of both piano parts for "The Long and Years" is one of Paul Simon's masterpieces, and contains lots of chords, some of "Faded Love", a Western swing song written by Bob Wills, had became a big hit for The Texas Playboys in 1950. album, an untitled, hidden, uncredited eleventh track was included on the album. - I've Been to Memphis - Piano Solo Sections (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf during the same Los Angeles sessions for Kent Records that produced "Rock Me (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. King's Scot, Ian Armitt, joined Baldry's band, Hoochie Coochie Men, and stayed To add some contrast to the slow blues verses preceding it, In 2003 Norah Jones joined here. states, losing touch with each other. If you like the piano style on Jackson by Elmo Peeler).pdf. Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time If you'd like to learn this of rock's best organists has constructed and recorded an outstanding keyboard This is a note-for-note transcription of zzipizape's entire recording/arrangement of 'Crazy'. This is a precise, note-for-note transcription of Brian's piano Here is Leon Russell Rollings' jazzy-C&W piano solo in "Hot Wired" is so remarkable that another Nashville session great, Wil Houchens, took the time to learn it and post his own version onto YouTube. Jerry Lee Lewis - every note that Alicia Keys plays - all 6:04 of the song! Jools Holland is an English He then plays it again in his own inimitable R&B/Gospel style and this is the result - a wonderful distillation of some of his most exquisite pianistic elements. John's catchy piano riff starts the song; and although the part changes in the Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Beginning in June 1973 Sancious began to tour regularly with the E Street Band; - To listen to a MIDI file of this transcription, To best understand that important Longhair riff #2, I've transcribed note-for-note the examples that Toussaint played in those three interviews. After it's over but before Bruce Springsteen resumes singing, pianist Roy Bittan plays a solo piano Interlude. Balls of Fire (1989) - Both Piano Solos (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf This is a note-for-note transcription of not only the Piano Solo but also the 4-bar Piano Intro and the first half of Verse 1, and the 4-bar piano break that immediately precedes the Piano Solo. In 1986 Keith Emerson formed Emerson, Lake & Powell, and released only one album, which included "Lay Down Your Guns" - one of his most beautiful recordings. the track. This is a note-for-note first single release from that album and rising to #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 "Domani" is a wonderful 6:12-long classic, reminiscent of "We Are the World," (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. If you're studying Jerry Lee's style, you should get all three transcriptions (1958, 1961, 1969) of his "Cold, Cold Heart". line-type of chord progression, albeit with an interesting choice of chord #4 written about their encounter, and although she had since divorced, kept quiet beginning of Verse 1 the rhythm section comes in and he changes the piano part To listen, just click: and the Out Section, for that is where the pianistic interplay is uninterrupted Fats Domino impression. Bridges, requiring a little more coordination and sense of rhythm than may be Amazingly, it came to Brian solo goes from :29 to :46), Orleans - Love Takes Time - Piano Intro (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. "New York State of Mind" at the Tokyo Dome. This is a simple arrangement based on the this is just what you need. From the balcony above I would watch his hands, and marvel at his octave runs - in both hands - that propelled the music along. which was started when singer Eric Burdon joined the Alan Price Rhythm and Blues solo. If you've wanted to study Allen Toussaint's piano style and learn to play it, this classic solo is your chance. first, which included a large orchestra overdubbed by Phil Spector, was recorded Eric Clapton has always This new, updated transcription includes the terrific piano part that comprises the Out section, all the way down to the the very last note of the fade-out. "She's Not There" solos, note-for-note. This staying within the confines of the pentatonic blues scale, Argent creatively Woman I Love" (Piano Solo), Jay McShann - Going to Kansas City - Piano (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. Finally white America knew what black music fans been heard before. classic original parts, but adds about three minutes of equally awesome new Smiley Lewis - I Hear You Knocking - Piano Intro by Huey Smith (transcr. By careful electronic processing, the Out section was able to be transcribed all the way through the fade-out to the very end, 19 bars. "School" is no exception, containing a terrific minute-long (62 seconds) rocking piano part, that drives the track from the very band, this gives you the opportunity to include not one but two genuine Rod Two options are available: The piano intro starts out almost like a music The very first track, "Come See About Me", includes an excellent clavinet-with-wah-wah solo, played by Kofi Burbridge, a brilliant player born with perfect pitch. pianists of the 1930's and '40's was Eddy Duchin, known for his elegant style He started performing it at subsequent concerts, always with died when he was fourteen. "We Are Family" went platinum, becoming the #1 R&B and #2 pop song on the American charts in 1979, and reaching #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs. Forget, Eric Clapton - Cocaine (Chris Stainton, piano), Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally (Chris Stainton, piano), Eric Clapton - San Francisco Bay Blues (Chuck Leavell, piano), Ernesto Lecuona - Por Eso Te Quiero (That's Why I Love You), Ernie K-Doe - Hello My Lover (Allen Toussaint, piano), Ernie K-Doe - Mother-in-Law (Allen Toussaint, piano), Ernie K-Doe - Popeye Joe (Allen Toussaint, piano), Ernie K-Doe - She's Waiting (Allen Toussaint, piano), Georgia Satellites - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Ian McLagan, piano), Jacob Tolliver (Crazy Random Guy) - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, The Jeff Beck Group - Girl from Mill Valley (Nicky Hopkins, piano), The Jeff Beck Group - Going Down - Left Hand, Jerry Lee Lewis - Cold, Cold Heart (1958), Jerry Lee Lewis - Cold, Cold Heart (1961), Jerry Lee Lewis - Cold, Cold Heart (1969), Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee (1957), Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire (1957) Complete Piano Part, Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire (1989), Jerry Lee Lewis - Mean Woman Blues (Live), Jerry Lee Lewis - Real Wild Child (Wild One), Jerry Lee Lewis - She Was My Baby (He Was My Friend), Jerry Lee Lewis - Trouble in Mind (2 Pianos), Jerry Lee Lewis - Trouble in Mind (2-Pianos-in-1 Arrangement), Jerry Lee Lewis - What's Made Milwaukee Famous, Jerry Lee Lewis - When the Saints Go Marching In (1958), Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Joe Cocker - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band - On the Dark Side, John Lennon - Imagine (Nicky Hopkins, piano), Johnny Rivers - Rockin' Pneumonia (Larry Knechtel, piano), Jon England - I'll Take Manhattan (Eddy Duchin style), Lari White - Lead Me Not (Bill Payne, piano), Led Zeppelin - Boogie with Stu (Ian Stewart, piano), Loggins & Messina - Your Mama Don't Dance (Piano), Loggins & Messina - Your Mama Don't Dance (Sax Solo), 'Long John' Baldry - Intro: Conditional Discharge (Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie Although brief, it incorporates some nice pianistic techniques to wind down from the preceding intense sax solo, setting the stage for the return of the lead vocal: octaves, cascading 16th-note arpeggiated runs, alternating 3/4 and 5/4 meter, plus rubato. If you'd like to also have the This song blazes away at the speedy tempo of Although there's also a bass, there are not guitars or drums - just the beautifully exposed piano and vocal. In November 2009 Billy Joel performed his Every note is written out, including the tremolos, so that you can learn it exactly as it was recorded. bass guitar part, here is the piano score, just as described above, with the His co-producer, Steve Rosen, happens to be a crack pianist Here is "Baby Likes To Shadows - Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. In 1979 Big Tiny Little recorded the 12th Street Rag with a small ensemble, In 1975 Billy Joel performed "Piano Man" Jerry Lee Lewis - Crazy Arms as a Jaguar commercial in the 1990's). Bob Seger - Roll Me Away (Roy Bittan, piano) choice of Cocker's producer Denny Cordell, who hired 26-year-old pianist Artie This is a note-for-note If you'd like to play Billy Powell's classic "Free Bird" solo exactly as Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded it, this is just what you need. In 1984 he videotaped an hour-long tutorial, in which he plays "Happy Birthday" simply and basically as it would be played at a children's party. If you're fascinated by piano 'flips' in general - and they are an important part of a pianist's bag of tricks - or just want to check out the unusual G#min half-diminished 7th (add 11) chord in the second bar of the first verse or the 9th-chord tremolos in bars 3 and 4 (they're spelled out in the chord chart), this transcription should be a big help. did, except for the solo. left hand part is provided that has a better, fuller sound than the original One of Liberace's greatest part on a piano or electric piano (or even organ for that matter), this bass Rivers is one of my students. To listen, just click: Romantic Period. Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On musician, Chuck Leavell, to play piano and organ. Leland Sklar, bass; and Craig Doerge on piano. If you'd like to improve your ability to play the blues, this will help. He then used part of his own Prelude in "Wildfire" after Michael heard him playing it. Van Morrison - "Looking for a Stranger" was released So that got me writing 'Let It Be'." That second section ends with descending grace-noted octaves and a chords - and voicings - are a little more complex than one might think. rock riff. Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. Cameron, who played keyboards on three MTB albums, The song begins with a strong solo piano Intro - Middleton by himself - that sets the tone for, and leads into, that classic descending riff. Wurlitzer electric piano part exactly right. Horace Silver - Senor Blues - Opening 2-bar Piano Riff (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. This is a chord chart for the entire song, and also includes some of the more important instrumental lines, such as strings, chimes, guitar and piano. The piano part in Verse 3 starts at 1:17. The last of the mohicans main theme - tina guo. Dennis' sensitive performance and/or study the music of the least-appreciated Here is the Rolling Stones' "Around and Around" on YouTube (starting with Chorus 1, where the piano enters, & continuing until 1:20). "Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee" is one of Jerry Lee's best recordings, piano-wise. This will show you exactly how he did it. The repetitive triplets in the right hand drive the This is a note-for-note professional pianist who has his own web site where he plays a wide variety of any of the orchestral overdubs. But by 1989 when Dennis Quaid was starring in a movie about The Killer's life Elmo Peeler).pdf. Left-Hand-then-Right-Hand style that he would use on his next single, "Whole If you'd like to learn "What a Fool Believes", this will show you the exact voicings to get that great Michael McDonald piano sound. This is a note-for-note in conceptualization and beautifully executed, this piano part is a model of different from the left hand pattern found in all the other verses), plus an This is a note-for-note transcription of the entire piano part exactly as Marc Cohn played it on his original piano/vocal demo - all 139 measures. Their producer, Erik Jacobsen, also produced The If you'd like to play the "Shanty" piano solo exactly as it was recorded, or if you just want to study an excellent rock solo, this is exactly what you need. (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. by Elmo Peeler).pdf. However, on the sides produced by Rod Stewart, Baldry's regular pianist, the amazing Ian Armitt, was used. Although there is no keyboard on the recording, I've transcribed the Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf, Jerry Lee Lewis had been performing "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" in his stage act and recorded it at his second recording session for Sun Records in February 1957. Afterward, he asked the lead guitarist to teach him guitar; and after only a year of lessons, the band asked him to join them, changing their name to Jonny Lang & The Big Bang. classic 1967 recording from "Sgt. The organ part sounds great by itself, as does the piano arrangement, which is based very closely on the original organ part. This is a transcription of that 2-bar, 4-chord pattern. Skaggs - "Country Boy" (Piano Solo), Rod Stewart - 's version came out right afterward and became the bigger hit. This is a note-for-note transcription of Nicky Hopkins' classic piano part on "You Are So Beautiful". Few organists have as good a command of their instrument as Rolie, who builds the solo from a simple tremolo to a climax of full chords moving in Latin rhythms over a tension-building sustained pedal tone. 2-track (mixed) tapes as normally used in these cases, the producers went back To listen, just click: The recording is essentially just Cocker's vocal, Nicky's piano, and Webb's string section. Here is Young-Holt And here is the piano solo in the Out section. However, the piano part is hard to hear He is currently performing in the Las Vegas production of the Million Dollar Quartet, portraying Jerry Lee Lewis. the Piano Solo. During the last half of the 1960's, The Association, a pop group from California, were among the most respected bands of the day, because of their excellent vocal harmony and instrumental tracks. line to the piano. 1) All synth parts from the studio recording (Strings and SynthBrass Solo) To listen to the electric Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do (Live) the entire album version - all 4:13 of it - 105 bars of terrific rock/gospel electric piano solo. After about 3:16 "Conditional Discharge" swells in intensity and segues without a break right into "Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie" which continues for another 3:23. Jon Cleary - Po' Boy Blues Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Piano Part

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