In the Gilligan-penned X-Files episode ", Ehrmantraut is a rather unique and old-fashioned German name. However, Saul's car took engine damage in the firefight and breaks down. A few days later, Daniel's house is burglarized by Nacho. As the construction crew celebrate at the warehouse, Werner admits that he is homesick and wants to have a weekend back home with his wife. His first job is acting as a bodyguard for Daniel Wormald, a first-time criminal who sells stolen prescription pills to Ignacio "Nacho" Varga; Mike's time in law enforcement gives him experience in how to prepare for such a deal and makes him a valuable asset in the exchange. Before the events of both series, Mike was a corrupt cop in Philadelphia and had a son named Matt, who was killed by fellow officers. Answering a call from the cell phone, Mike is immediately approached by Gustavo Fring and two of his bodyguards. Deceased Jimmy admits to Kim the truth about his desert trek with Mike when she asks who he just called. Mike realizes it's a trap and manages to take Chris by surprise, disarming him. Prior to his involvement in Gus' operation, Mike worked as parking ticket booth operator at a local courthouse, where he met Saul, then known as Jimmy McGill. And he was gonna get himself killed. Mike refrains from shooting Lydia and instead asks her if she can get access to more methylamine, to which Lydia replies, "Maybe. One night when Mike is working his parking attendant job, Gus arrives to meet him personally. Mike says. Additionally, Gus reveals that he stopped Mike from killing Hector because "a bullet to the head would have been far too humane." Mike says goodbye to Jesse. Social life "), though it's possible he may have just had Tyrus translate it, who does speak Spanish. Lydia explains that her daughter would not believe that she abandoned her. Mike asks Victor if he was seen by witnesses and Victor admitts that he was seen, but "just [as] another looky-loo." Continuing his counter-surveillance of the driver, Mike tracks his vehicle to the middle of the desert, only to find the gas cap containing his tracker removed and set in the middle of the road, with a cell phone on top. Mike working as a parking lot attendant at the Albuquerque courthouse. After obtaining the address for the company's Las Cruces facility, Mike breaks in after stealing Barry Hedberg's identification. Werner's death forces Gus to halt construction of the lab. Shortly thereafter, Jesse flees to the shooting gallery, devastated by Jane's death. Driving to Werner's location, Mike notices that he is being followed by Lalo Salamanca. Well, the 21-years-old actor was born with a physical disability, 'Cerebral Palsy' - A group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Full name Gus probes Mike as to why he didn't accept his money and also lets Mike know that he's interested in hiring him. Finding Walt already being escorted out of Beneke Fabricators by security, Mike twists Walt's arms, throws him into the back of his car, and takes him back to Saul's office. Using Mike's Chrysler, Jesse rams the other vehicle and escapes, leaving Mike behind, but also leading away the pursuers. This crime since then became a mystery to the city's police department, since no one ever found out who killed Matt ("Five-O"). The words "Ehr" and "man" can be translated as "man of honor", while the suffix "traut" comes from the, It is entirely possible that Mike may have at one point been in U.S special forces. When a little bit of trouble happens, he urges Walt, Jesse, and Todd to abort the mission, but, Walt being Walt, gives in a fight and denies giving up. However, Walt and Jesse manage to convince Mike stand down as he is also implicated in Gus's meth making operation via the video evidence from the superlab. This would also explain Mike's hardened demeanor which was common with those who experience… At first the doctors only seem concerned about Gus, frustrating Jesse, but eventually they get around to treating Mike after explaining, "This man pays my salary" (referring to Gus). Mike tells Jesse that if he were Jesse's age and starting fresh, Mike would go to Alaska which is the last frontier and a place where a person could be anything they want. Michael Ehrmantraut ✘ No Mike's attitude towards Jimmy is dispassionate, usually not letting him pass through the parking gate because he doesn't have enough validation stickers on his parking ticket ("Uno",  "Mijo"). Mike passes on the opportunity, and offers his condolences for Chuck's death. Jesse notices another vehicle arriving to block the alleyway while another man approaches Mike's car with a shotgun. Well I tried. To do so, he tracks down Nacho to his father's car restoration shop and negotiates a deal where Daniel trades his Hummer to Nacho in exchange for the baseball cards and $10,000. Mike monitors the call, and finds the next day that Werner has used a laser pointer to blind the security cameras and escaped from the warehouse. Jimmy intends for Mike to steal Mr. Neff's Hummel figurine and replace it with an identical fake. ("El Camino"). Mike just tells him "we'll see" and remarks that Kim saved Mike asks, giving him a chance. He finds a tree branch wedged into the driver's seat, and a handwritten note on the windshield reading "DON'T". The two reveal that Gus' men have recovered the bodies and vehicles of the gang aside from Tiburón who died out in the middle of nowhere and may never be found which Mike is satisfied with. Mike discovers that his location had been tipped off to the PPD by Stacey. Nacho is offended realizing that Mike was trying to draw police attention to Hector's operation. Mike's House Werner's inspection is much more thorough and talks about the logistical challenges of the excavation without alerting anyone above. Breaking Bad Madrigual - You are a time bomb. Lydia, meanwhile, still wants all of Gus's employees killed. Kai particularly enjoys himself, but Mike notices that Werner is sitting alone. Mike reacts with disgust at Gus's seeming lack of compassion for Werner and refuses Gus' offer to continue paying him during the delay. He sets up on a hillside and watches as the Cousins kill the driver and bury him in an unmarked grave. He worked as a police officer in Philadelphia for two years before he was killed. Chris confesses to Lydia's part and informs Mike that he took the job in desperation due to the DEA seizing all of his money. Walt goes to steal it, only to be caught. Later on, Jimmy goes to Mike's house and asks Mike about who he works for and about the situation with Lalo. Mike explains to Hank and Gomez that he worked for Los Pollos Hermanos as the head of corporate security. —— Brandishing a hidden pistol and throwing off the illusion of his drunken stupor, Mike gunned down Hoffman and Fensky, suffering a shoulder wound in the process. The detectives, taken off guard by the outrageous story, believe Jimmy. Mike first meets Jimmy McGill while working as a parking lot attendant at the Albuquerque courthouse. Shortly following his retirement from Walt's drug operation, Mike's assets would be seized a second time after the DEA caught his lawyer in the act of depositing Mike's drug money for his incarcerated men and was left with no options but to flee after his lawyer betrayed him to the DEA. Also I didn’t hide spoilers because if you haven’t seen breaking bad by this point, what the hell have you been doing? ("Inflatable") Meanwhile, Mike discreetly begins plotting retaliation against Hector. ("Fifi"). Lydia is accepting of her impending death, but Mike is perplexed when Lydia asks Mike to allow her dead body to be found by her daughter. Mike finally arrives at Werner's location, but not before Werner lets slip information about the excavation to Lalo, who was posing as one of Gus's men during a phone call. ("Expenses"), Mike, using information he gained from Nacho, tracks down the body of the Good Samaritan that Hector shot and anonymously reports the discovery to the police. It is possible he has a history in special operations or intelligence agencies, as he has extensive knowledge of surveillance equipment and is well trained in stealth tactics. Matt put his father on a pedestal before, and this revelation left him devastated. Appearance in El Camino Ensuring his wife is spared, Werner accepts his fate and Mike executes him. The two continue on, eventually stopping for the night. Realizing that Gus has a job for him, Mike demands to know what it is. After a gang robs Saul in the desert of Lalo's bail money, Mike rescues him from danger, killing all but one of the gangsters with his sniper rifle. Mike is seen wandering the streets calling someone on his cell for a ride. Mike is later summoned to the DEA office to be interviewed by Hank and Gomez, who are now investigating Gus's death. Plus he is as tough as nails. Daniel lets his initial success go to his head and buys a bright yellow Hummer H2. Mike obliges, then is escorted by Walt back to his car. After the meet, he splits the pay with Nacho, refunding him for the failure of his previous work on Tuco. Mike explains that he continues on because he has people he cares about and protects, people who know nothing about what Mike is doing and who will be safe with a better life if he dies. Mike's first paycheck from Madrigal arrives, and it is over $10,000. ("Amarillo"), Shortly after, Nacho hires Mike to assassinate his boss, the erratic drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca. He put me up on a pedestal, and I had to show him that I was down in the gutter with the rest of 'em. Mike then leads an operation to clean up the Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm before Hank can investigate it. After having found a second tracker hidden in the gas cap of his personal vehicle, Mike switches out the two devices, draining the foreign device of power in the hopes that whoever planted it will come back to claim it. Gus later learns from Juan Bolsa that Leonel survived the attack, and furthermore learns that Bolsa is aware that Gus authorized the hit on Hank contrary to Bolsa's restrictions on the DEA. Angered about the death of two of his own men, Mike goes after Lydia, ambushing her in her home, where she lives alone with her five-year old daughter. The DEA think that he is performing a 'dead drop', so when Mike leaves Gomez goes over to the garbage can only to to find a note 'Fuck you' written on it. Walt rejects the buyout, but convinces Declan to take over for Mike as his distribution network. Mike agrees not to interfere, but advises Nacho to switch the pills back after Hector dies so they cannot be traced back to him. Jesse kills Joaquin and flees in a stolen car with Mike and Gus ("Salud"). 2002 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Family During their conversation, he tells her that Henry DeVore from the support group is making up his dead wife, Judy. He intimidates Saul into giving him information on Jesse's whereabouts, but Saul deftly slips him a false address. The whole story behind Ehrmantraut is explain in Breaking Bad's spin off Better Call Soul S1E6 Five-O, in this episode we discover that he had to face a family drama in the past (I let you discover the episode).. As Breaking Bad takes place after these events, the Mike we saw in Breaking Bad is a resigned man that has nothing to loose. Mike shows up and kills all four gunmen, then shoots Chow in the hand for not keeping Gus in the loop. Stacy accepts the apology but tells him that Anita is angry and that he should talk to her. Status Before fleeing however, he would be unnecessarily shot by Walt after Mike brutally insulted him over creating the circumstances that led to his own downfall, and would thus die without leaving his beloved family any money earned from his long career as a professional criminal. Philadelphia Police Officer Werner replies that it is not, but will be difficult, dangerous, and expensive. Mike tells Walt that by warning the man instead of killing him, he used a "half measure" to resolve the problem, which proved ineffective and he should have instead taken the "full measure". ("Quite a Ride"), Mike and Gus inspect a warehouse with mobile homes that will be home to Werner's construction crew. Contacting Dr. Caldera, Mike purchases a device and tracker identical to the one he has discovered. Mike removes the money and the gas cap, containing one of Gus' tracking devices and he and a reluctant Saul push the car off the road over a cliff. ("Wiedersehen"). I talked sense. Mike refuses the offer. As the truck drives away, Mike puts one final shot into the sneakers, spilling cocaine unnoticed onto the back of the vehicle, ensuring that the drivers will be arrested at the border. After killing the driver, they empty their guns into the back of the truck, trying to kill anyone inside. ("Madrigal"). At the Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm, Gus accuses Mike of being aware of Nacho's plot against Hector. However, weeks later, the man kills his wife. Mike calls Gus to inform him of Gale's murder. Gus arrives and asks if the job is impossible. Mike tells Jesse to drive to a warehouse where there is a doctor waiting for them. After his surveillance reveals discord in the White household, Mike takes his recordings to Saul's office. After stopping to review what happened, he figures that his car is bugged. As in Half Measures Breaking Bad he always tries to do the right thing. He manages to escape only a few yards down a river bank because of his bullet wound and sits down on a log overlooking the river. Character information They stare at the river in silence as Mike fades into death ("Say My Name"). También es socio de Saul Goodman, para quien trabaja en diversas ocasiones como investigador privado y para solventar diversos problemas, el hombre al que recurre en situaciones complejas. "If you ever bring a gun to a job again without telling me, I will stick it up your ass sideways." Mike begrudgingly agrees to help them execute a plan to break into Albuquerque PD's parking lot and use a giant magnet to destroy Gus's laptop, which contains the video evidence, through an exterior wall. His corpse is later dissolved in acid ("Gliding Over All"). Mike had one son, Matt, who also became a police officer. He had extensive knowledge of how to operate on both sides of the law without detection. The two catch the thief, then return to Jesse's house where they empty the house of all guests, then awaken Jesse to the news. Mike identified the officers who killed Matt and arranged a similar ambush to kill both of them, after which he left for Albuquerque, allowing him to see Stacey and Kaylee. He hated Walt for his actions that exposed Gus' and his own criminal activities and the only reason he agreed to work with Walt was for the sake of making money to leave behind for his granddaughter and financially support his men in prison. My boy was stubborn. You can go home today with your money and never do this again. Mike is shown to be a highly intelligent, cunning, patient, formidable and caring person and is a highly skilled investigator and expert soldier and assassin. Just in time for Better Call Saul! At the group meeting, Stacey talks about fearing that she is forgetting details about Matt, affect Mike. He severely hated Walt for his ignorance as seen during their final confrontation in which he brutally ranted of how his actions are what lead to complete disaster following Gus' death after Walt accused him of screwing up and getting followed by the DEA, which in turn resulted in his unnecessary death at the hand of Walt. Saul manages to arrange a meeting with Gus for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to make a deal about selling Walt's Blue Sky. After continuing their arduous journey for awhile, Saul finally gets a signal and calls Kim. While Mike and Werner discuss blasting a section, Casper backs a front-loader into one of the support columns. Mike and Jesse accompany Gus to Mexico where Jesse will teach the cartel chemist how to cook Blue Sky. Devastated by the loss of his son, Mike fell into alcoholism and depression until he decided to take action. He relates that at one point, he had to deal with a domestic dispute issue between a husband and wife. However, his line of sight to Hector is blocked by Nacho. On Gus's orders, Mike has Jesse accompany him as he drives around to various drop sites where Gus's dealers have deposited their payments. At a meeting, Mike begins to befriend Anita as she recounts how her husband mysteriously disappeared on a hiking trip and the fact that she doesn't know what happened to him constantly troubles her. ("Bingo"). Mike cannot allow that and encourages Werner to push on, but agrees to let him call her on the telephone. Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) serves as a major character in Better Call Saul with a role that originated on Breaking Bad, and as the eldest primary figure, his arc is even more compelling.Banks' character first joined Vince Gilligan's fictional universe in the Breaking Bad season 2 finale, "ABQ." The history of the Breaking Bad favorite has always been shrouded in mystery, save for references to his time as a cop and his relationship with his granddaughter, Kaylee. Then Jimmy will sell the figure and split the proceeds with Mike. It's heavily implied that Mike is the middleman between Saul and Gus; as Saul says he "knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy [Gus]" ("Mandala"). The top badass of the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul series demonstrates his badassdom. Mike, knowing full well that Daniel's carelessness will eventually attract police attention, declines to go to a meeting in the Hummer and walks off when he refuses to travel in Mike's 1988 Chrysler instead. His actor, Jonathan Banks, is one of very few cast members to not have a twitter account. Nacho also reveals that Hector killed a Good Samaritan that happened to stumble upon the scene and freed the driver. So he was able to set up a similar ambush to kill both police officers and avenge his son's death. Driving Werner to a remote location, Mike calls Gus to tell him that he was followed and to persuade Gus to spare Werner. While he was shocked at the sight of him killing Victor, one of his allies, he refused to aid Walter in killing Gus and remained loyal to him fully and was truly angered by Walt's assassination of him and the destruction of Fring's entire operation. Proceeding to a nearby junkyard, he disassembles the vehicle, searching the entire chassis for hours and coming up with nothing. Nicholas Liam King (young Matt) As his father pours cement on his driveway, he allows Matt to write his name on it with a stick ("Talk"). ("Sunk Costs") Gus sends payment to Mike for his services, but Mike refuses to accept it. Saul Goodman (former part-time boss)Gustavo Fring (former employer) †Walter White (former business partner) †Jesse Pinkman (former business partner)Victor (former fellow enforcer) † Mike hits the gas on his car and drives away but crashes not far away. Walt is angered by the cut of the operation's profits that is being put aside by Mike for this purpose ("Hazard Pay"). Uncle FesterPop PopDave Clarke I've known good criminals and bad cops. They win over the methylamine and get away safely. Mike killed more brutally and mercilessly than Walter ever did. —— Last Later on, after Walt kills two dealers working for Gus (who Jesse was gunning for because they killed the child they punked to do their dirty work for them), Mike sets out to find Jesse. You can be on one side of the law or the other. Underneath the Lavandería Brillante, the Frenchman conducts a cursory evaluation and believes that he can excavate a new basement in at least six months. ("Bullet Points"). I told him I did it, too. ("Coushatta"), Mike oversees the blasting of a rock obstructing the excavation, noticing that when Werner fixes a faulty circuit he appears to have an anxiety attack. Mike then uses a saw to extract $250,000 hidden inside the truck's tires. Detectives from Philadelphia later visited Mike in his new home in Albuquerque to question him about the deaths of Hoffman and Fensky, since their death scene was pretty similar to Matt's death scene, and Mike curiously left the State the day after the two died. Mike subsequently reports on the misadventure to Gus, suggesting that the gang was Columbian based on his past experiences. Hooding him, Mike and his associate, Nick, drive him in a windowless van to Albuquerque. Mike and Gus examine the gunmen's passports, and conclude that the cartel are probing for weaknesses in Gus's operation. He was just a hitman with an underlying cause so still definitely a piece of shit. After Skinny Pete finds their address, Jesse Pinkman shows up at their home with a gun in an attempt to retrieve the stolen drugs and/or cash payment from the two. Walt looks fearless as he says, "Everybody wins." Date of birth Sergeant Fensky later pressed Matt on taking the money. After briefly arguing over how to get into the house, Jesse begins digging a hole in the front lawn, luring out one of the tweakers. Soon after, Jesse drives up in the Chrysler and relays what happened while Mike was inside the warehouse. The heist puts Mike in a jovial mood—he spends some of his new gains on drinks for all the patrons at a bar—but this is short-lived when Nacho calls him to a meeting and confronts him about the attack, having deduced that Mike was behind it. Jesse finds this idea appealing and tells Mike that he'd like to make everything he's done right, but Mike regretfully states that that is the one thing Jesse can never do. Mike assures him that Lalo won't and suggests that there is a plan in the works to deal with Lalo though he refuses to divulge any information to Saul. When Jesse informs Mike of the device and the possibility of Lydia's stock being tracked by the DEA, Mike is dubious. Mike then disposes of the syringe in a nearby garbage can, unnoticed by Walt and Steven Gomez ("I See You"). Later that night, Mike approaches Gus to seek help in laundering the remaining $200,000 he stole from Hector so that it can be left to his family. He had a wife, a kid, responsibilities. Matt worked with his longtime partner, Officer Hoffman, who one day came to him offering dirty money, which Matt declined, believing it was the right thing to do. Mike is then drawn away from his position by the sound of his car horn going off. 1 History 1.1 Season 2 2 Appearances 2.1 Breaking Bad Skinny Pete is held up by Spooge and his wife who made off with an ounce of meth. ("Sabrosito"), Mike helps with construction on a new playground area and receives help from the other members of Stacey's support group, including a woman named Anita. Last At a party afterward, Gus poisons many cartel members and Mike garrotes Gaff. Mike doesn't witness Todd killing the kid, but gets mad over it ("Dead Freight"). Mike and Walt vote that Todd continue working with them, and tells Jesse it's because they can't be paying him a large amount for him to keep quiet. After injuring himself on a cactus, Saul collapses and refuses to go further despite Mike's insistence. Relationships Mike bribes the owner of the strip club to not call the police. Mike Ehrmantraut He loads the money and his equipment into his getaway car and flees the scene. Jesse surprises Mike by calling the play as a bluff. I think Mike was a good guy in a bad world. RJ Mitte shares slightly similar characters in person with his on-screen character aka ' Walter White Jr. in '' Breaking Bad '! Unfortunately, Matt's partner Troy Hoffman and their sergeant, Jack Fensky, distrusted Matt and murdered him by staging a gangland shooting. 2003 When Walt learns that the DEA is on the verge of arresting Mike, he helps Mike avoid capture. While growing up he always had an interest in acting … ("Fall"), Mike finishes his final shift at the parking booth and plays with Kaylee in his backyard. Mike also advises Gus to set up a surveillance camera perimeter both inside and outside the warehouse. "Is that true Walter?" Versatile veteran character actor Jonathan Banks was born in Washington D.C in 1947. Better Call Saul Pimento - What's the difference between a bad guy and a criminal? Mike is mentioned for a final time by Saul whilst he and Walt are hiding in Ed Galbraith's basement. Mike prepares to leave, only for Hank to ask about the money in Mike's granddaughter's name. Mike himself even states that when his time to die occurs, he will go satisfied knowing that he did all he could to provide for his family. That night, after Lalo discovers the wrecked car, Mike repeatedly calls Saul to warn him while racing to his and Kim's apartment. Mike becomes the distributor to Walt's new operation and insists that Walt and Jesse solely concentrate on the production without interfering at all with the business aspects of the operation that Mike will handle. Making of Episode 502, Madrigal: Inside Breaking Bad Walt realizes he could have just asked Lydia for the names, tries to apologize to Mike, but Mike merely replies "Shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace." Gaff opens fire on them while they're moving evidence over to a truck, killing one of Mike's men, but Mike manages to save Jesse's life ("Bug"). When Gus hints that Mike's sabotage of Hector's smuggling line can continue, Mike deduces Gus is a rival of Hector. He even spiraled into an alcohol infused depression following his murder of his friend Werner Ziegler on Gus' orders, showing Mike is far from being completely remorseless and cold-blooded. You know what a cop fears most? Better Call Saul S2E9 (Nailed) Mike Truck Scene, Mike searches the car for the tracking device - Better Call Saul 3x1, Better Call Saul season 4 finale - Mike kills Werner. Occupation ("Five-O") Mike later repays Jimmy by breaking into the home of the Craig and Betsy Kettleman to retrieve stolen money. Saul eventually resorts to dragging the bags, ripping one and causing some of the money to spill out. Gus asks for his aid against the Salamancas because Mike understands Gus' need for revenge. Residence Mike snaps that he doesn't owe Walt a damn thing and that them falling apart is all his fault. With Mike turning her down, she approaches Chris Mara, who agrees to do it for $10,000 per victim (triple for Mike). During one of these instances, Mike became particularly enraged by the man's abuse, so he took him out of the city, beat him, and held a gun to his head, threatening to kill him if he ever beat his wife again. Mike pats him down and ties him to a radiator. Mike regretfully shoots Chris four times through the chest, killing him. Portrayed by Mike helps rob the train, standing far away and making sure all goes swiftly. As an associate of Saul Goodman, Mike was thrust into the drama surrounding Walter … He confronts her and comes clean to her with the entire story, short of actually confessing to the murder of the Hoffman and Fensky, merely saying to her, "You know what happened, the question is: Can you live with it?" Saul and Mike make their way to a truck stop where they properly hydrate before being picked up by Victor and Tyrus Kitt.

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