Away from Albania’s biggest cities, in the north of the country, is Theth. T oday Albania marks 104 years of independence from the Ottoman Empire. Albania has been an independent country for 104 years. A drive from Tirana to Saranda taking in the Llogara Pass should take a few hours, but allow plenty of extra time to stop and take lots of photographs. Bordering Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Montenegro, Albania’s long coastline is one of the most ruggedly beautiful in the world. But I can now safely say it is one of my favourite countries and I can't speak highly enough of all the fabulous things to do in Albania. Albania’s famous furgons (mini-buses) have now been banned from operating in most parts of the country leaving official buses as the only public transport option. Albania is one of the few countries in the world so close to the West who still maintains historic roots in every day life. Find what to do today, this weekend or in August. Albania may be a little country but there is a lot to see and do in this exciting up-and-coming location. Feel free to ask us any pre-trip questions and where the best attractions are. Dates & length Places Filters. In Albania a gymnasium (Albanian: Gjimnaz) education takes three years following a compulsory nine-year elementary education and ending with a final aptitude test called Albanian: Matura Shtetërore. For nearly 50 years, Albania was under Communist rule. The city is home to few must-see tourist locations, but the 18th-century Et’hem Bey mosque is well worth a visit. We have reviews of the best places to see in Albania. The seaside town of Himara is one of the riviera’s best places to visit, while Porto Palermo Beach, Llamani Beach and Filikuri Beach are some of the area’s finest sandy stretches, while Drymades Beach is one of the liveliest spots here. Things to Do in Albania, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 35,775 traveller reviews and photos of Albania tourist attractions. We have reviews of the best places to see in Albania. The mountain is the highest point in both other countries as well. Located in the middle of the Llogara National Park, the road travels to over 1,000 metres above sea level and the scenery will take your breath away. And, perhaps best of all, travelling to Albania remains an extremely affordable trip, even compared to much of the rest of this part of Europe. Albania Tourism: Tripadvisor has 155,687 reviews of Albania Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Albania resource. Once upon a time, Apollonia was listed among the dominions of Pyrrhus of Epirus. The Church of St. Mary of Blachernae is a must-see sight for anyone visiting Berat, as is the Mangalem Quarter. The two main subgroups of Albanians are the Gegs (Ghegs) in the north and the Tosks in the south. It attracts beachcombers, foodies interested in unique traditional cuisine, and history buffs looking for a rich cultural heritage. It’s more convenient although Albanian roads are notoriously bad. Many cultural events and feastings are held in Durres throughout the year, while the city is also the birthplace of Bujar Nishani, the current President of Albania. Located a short trip away from the capital Tirana, Kruja is a must-visit spot for anyone heading to Albania for the first time. Albania’s main port, Durres is also one of the nation’s oldest cities. Albania Tourism: Tripadvisor has 155,641 reviews of Albania Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Albania resource. The highlight of the Albanian Riviera is perhaps the Ksamil Islands, a remote group of three small islands located just off the coast, accessible only by boat from the small town of Ksamil. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. Durres is most famous for being home to the biggest amphitheater in the Balkans, while the unspoiled northern coastal stretch of Lalzit Bay is one of Albania’s most beautiful places to visit. The mountain peaks of Thethi, Boga, Razma and Vermoshi provide an unforgettable experience of Albania in its most natural state. Unique Ottoman period architecture – with houses designed like small castles – can be found all over Gjirokastra, which has a military museum and art gallery in its amazing castle that dominates the skyline. Over 98% of the population speaks Albanian. To say it is unique is not enough and is the place to go if you are looking for a real European adventure. Tirana, the capital and the largest city in the country, is located inland near the center of the country. I don’t consider it as a city, though, because it’s super small. Pogradec is famous for its rich folklore, while its Puppet Theater Festival is one of the most interesting events on Albania’s tourism calendar. Saranda is one of the hottest tourism locations in Albania, with the town having undergone a huge amount of development in the last 20 years or so. Located in the Kruja castle, the museum is one of Albania’s most important and popular tourist attractions. Just like every country in the Balkan Peninsula, Albania has a vast history which you can see in almost all of its cities. In-depth Cultural. The seven days that I spent there were full of all kinds of surprises ranging from pleasant to disappointing but combined were ultimately what made it such an exciting country to visit. Albania. Like the other Balkan countries we had really only heard about Albania's political history and didn't hold high expectations. During that time, it’s become an increasingly popular tourist destination. The riviera has a growing reputation as an important music location, with many international music festivals – including Turtle Fest and Soundwave Albania – having taken place here. Lin. Albania Tourism: Tripadvisor has 155,450 reviews of Albania Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Albania resource. One of the most up-and-coming places to visit in Albania is Pogradec, which can be found on the shores of Lake Ohrid in the east of the nation. 10 Best Things to Do in Saranda (Albania). Albania, known as Shqiperia in Albanian, is situated on the Adriatic Sea between Greece and the Republic of Montenegro. Albania is located in southeastern Europe. At the heart of Skanderbeg Square – and therefore the heart of Tirana – is a statue of the historic Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. Albania boasts some of the best examples of Ottoman architecture in the world, along with supremely clear Mediterranean air and stunningly fabulous beaches. wants to ensure your trip to Albania is safe and adventurous! Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Numele de Albania este numele țării în latina medievală. Berat is often known by its nickname – the City of a Thousand Windows – due to its mix of Ottoman and Albanian architecture. In the 15th century, Albania was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. When I decided to live in Albania, I choose a city called Saranda, which is along the Albanian Riveria.. Located high in the Albanian Alps, Theth is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and it is easy to see why. Albania is an incredible destination where you can spend weeks or even months. Visiting the Blue Eye Spring is also a must for anyone who wants to experience what Ksamil has to offer during their magical Albanian break. Isolated and shut off from the world for so long, Albania emerged from communist rule … Hikers and nature lovers will find Theth to be one of the best places to visit during a trip to Albania. We have reviews of the best places to see in Albania. Tourists should consider taking time out of their schedules to visit the Durres Archaeological Museum, the Aleksander Moisiu Theatre and the Royal Villa of Durres during their time in the second largest city in Albania. Still very much off the beaten path, year-on-year Albania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning scenery, interesting historic sites, and welcoming people. The largest town in the north of Albania, Shkodra is often considered the cultural capital of the country. Disclaimer. Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake in the Balkan region and while the Macedonian side of the lake is more popular, Albania’s shore is definitely on the up. The largest minorities are Vlachs; Greeks, concentrated mainly in the southeast; and Macedonians, living along the eastern border. Often described as one of the world’s great boat trips, the journey takes visitors from the hydro-electric dam at Koman to the port of Fierza. We've got 89 tours going to Albania, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 17 days. Apollonia was once one of the most important cities in the world, and as such it is a must for anyone visiting Albania for the first time. Find what to do today, this weekend or in December. A country in southern Europe, Albania is located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula on the Strait of Otranto, the southern entrance to the Adriatic Sea. This is because it hosts events such as Carnival, Lake Day, the Children’s Festival and Shkodra Jazz Fest, while it is also home to a famous historic castle notable for its important role during the First Balkan War. While Albania is slowly becoming more popular with tourists it remains extremely undiscovered, as well as almost completely unspoiled. Found in the heart of Albania, within easy reach from the city of Fier, Apollonia’s ruins are breathtaking and the views from this part of the country are superb too. Gjirokastra is famous as the birthplace of world-renowned author Ismail Kadare and Albania’s former dictator Enver Hoxha – today their old homes are museums. Shkodra has a simply gorgeous lake, while the medieval citadel of Drisht is only a few miles away. Your email address will not be published. Visiting the old Ottoman bazaar in Gjirokastra should be on the agenda for anyone visiting this part of the country. [bLacul Prespa, la fel ca si Lacul Ohrid este de origine tectonica. The capital city of Albania, Tirana will be the starting point for many people exploring the best places in Albania. Skanderbeg Square is one of Tirana’s most important places and this is where the National Historical Museum can be found too. Offering some of the country's most impressive scenery, and easily its finest hiking, the mountains spread over the borders of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, and in Albania they reach a respectable height of 2694m. Albania is located in the southwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula or Southeastern and Southern Europe. Discover 12 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Albania from Syri i Kalter: The Blue Eye to George Bush Statue . Albania is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the west, Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, the Republic of North Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. Geographical and historical treatment of Albania, including maps and statistics as well as a survey of its people, economy, and government. The Albanian Riviera is perhaps the most popular place in the country for tourists to visit. Albania Tourism: Tripadvisor has 155,699 reviews of Albania Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Albania resource. Albania is one of the most interesting countries I’ve come across in a long time. Things to Do in Albania, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 155,699 traveller reviews and photos of Albania tourist attractions. Formerly among the most important Albanian cities of the Ottoman Empire, Berat was added to the list of Unesco World Heritage sites in 2008. After decades of rule by a strict Stalinist regime, which systematically discouraged any contact with the outside world, Albania has now opened its doors to foreign tourists and the number of visiting cruising yachts is steadily increasing. If you know some more beautiful places to visit in Albania, feel free to share in the comment section! We have reviews of the best places to see in Albania. Llogara National Park itself is home to animals such as the golden eagle, European wildcat and fallow deer. I suggest renting a car or taking your own. Albania shares this mountain with two other countries, Kosovo and Macedonia. In July 2009's elections, the closest since 1990, Berisha's center-right coalition narrowly defeated the opposition socialists, who were led by Edi Rama. Lake Skadar, Southern Europe’s largest lake, is found in Albania. Things to Do in Albania, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 35 084 traveller reviews and photos of Albania tourist attractions. The neighboring countries of Albania are Greece, Macedonia, and Montenegro. It was from this fortress that Albania’s hero – George Kastrioti Skanderbeg – defended the country from Ottoman invasion over a period spanning three decades. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. 12 Best Things to do in Anchorage, Alaska. Although the regime collapsed in 1990, many of Tirana’s communist sights remain, including the murals and statues in the city centre, the house where Enver Hoxha lived … Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Albania on Tripadvisor: See 35,009 traveler reviews and photos of Albania tourist attractions. The Albanian Riviera was a revelation a decade or so ago, when backpackers discovered the last virgin stretch of the Mediterranean coast in Europe, flocking here in droves, setting up ad hoc campsites and exploring scores of little-known beaches. Albania is a coastal nation in Southeastern Europe with a population of approximately 3,000,000. Albania (Albanian: Shqipëria) is a country in the Balkans with unspoiled beaches, mountainous landscapes, traditional cuisine, archaeological artifacts, unique traditions, low prices and the wild atmosphere of the countryside. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Nightclubs such as Folie Marine in Jale beach and Havana Beach Club near Dhermi draw young people from across Europe to the Albanian Riviera. The trip on the ferry is also a great opportunity to see what life is like for many Albanians in remote areas. Satul are cam 450 de locuitori si se afla aproape de granita cu Albania. 2019-12-05T15:54:26+02:00 Let’s have a look the best places to visit in Albania! The final test is standardized at the state level and serves as an entrance qualification for universities. For the most breathtaking scenery in the entire Balkans, visiting Lake Koman in Albania should be on anyone’s bucket list. If you’re planning to visit, and I highly recommend it, here are 15 interesting facts about this historically isolated country. The opposition disputed the results and accused Berisha of voter intimidation. Berat is in the middle of Albania and it is believed to be one of the country’s oldest towns. The national park Qafe Shtama and the tomb of Sari Saltik are also located close to Kruja. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The most popular month to go is September, which has the most number of tour departures. Albania - Albania - People: Albania has one of the most homogeneous populations in Europe, with non-Albanians accounting for less than one-tenth of the total population. Part of the larger Butrint National Park, the Ksamil Islands are a fantastic example of Albania at its most untouched and unspoiled. Albania (/ æ l ˈ b eɪ n i ə / al-BAY-nee-ə; Albanian: Shqipëri), officially called the Republic of Albania is an independent republic in Southeastern Europe, with an area of 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 sq mi).The capital is Tirana, and other important cities are Durrës, Elbasan and Vlora.Over 3 million people live in Albania. Oh Albania! In the south-west of Albania is the popular coastal resort of Vlore, which has long been best known for its olive production – it is believed to house some 280,000 olive trees. Saranda is home to some of the most unforgettable beaches in Albania, while the Unesco World Heritage site at Butrint is located just outside of Saranda and is well worth a visit too. Etimologie. The lake, whose surface area varies between 370 sq km and 530 sq km, is shared between Albania and Montenegro. While the locals that use the boat regularly may now take the rugged beauty of the Albanian mountains for granted, any first-time visitor will find the sights from the Lake Koman Ferry to be truly jaw-dropping. Tirana’s people, like the vast majority of Albanian locals, are exceptionally friendly and the city is supremely affordable, with surprisingly excellent food and drinks both very cheap.

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